The Export Practitioner
Volume 36, Number 6

Since 1987, The Export Practitioner has provided readers with expert reports on changes to U.S. export licensing rules, enforcement policies and regulations for defense and dual-use products and technology. The Export Practitioner is the only monthly magazine devoted exclusively to news and analysis of U.S. export controls and trade sanctions.

The Export Practitioner is available in both online or print editions or a print-and-online combination.

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Red Flags                  

Help your employees avoid export control violations with our bright and informative poster.
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The Exporting Source

Your one-stop resource for finding help to export to new customers, to learn about government.
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Mastering Deemed Exports

Produced by experts on U.S. export controls and industrial training, Mastering Deemed Exports...
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Playbook for Evading Airline Sanctions

Aerospace suppliers and repair centers considering compliance with recent sanctions on Russia and Belarus have an updated case study from BIS’ experience with Iran’s largest private airline.


BIS Finalizing Changes to Cyber License Exceptions (ACE

BIS is finalizing changes to License Exception ACE and corresponding changes in the definition section of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) in response to public comments to an October 21, 2021 interim rule.


Sanctions Train Rolls On

May 31 the European Commission finalized its sixth round of sanctions on imports of Russian oil (not gas).Earlier, President Biden and his G-7 counterparts met with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine May 8 and announced another raft of sanctions to support the war effort.


Axelrod Maintains Enforcement Drumbeat

Continuing to emphasize that greater consequences drive greater compliance, BIS Export Enforcement Chief Matt Axelrod updated practitioners on the changes to export control enforcement firms can expect from Commerce.  In a broad-ranging speech to the Society for International Affairs...


Estevez Comes Out Swinging

Estevez Comes Out Swinging   Alan Estevez, the newly installed Undersecretary of Commerce for Industry and Security shared his thinking at what he called his “coming out party” May 25   at the Atlantic Council in Washington.  In a conversation with Keith Krach,...