Interpol Marks 100 Years

Monaco speech at Justice


Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco delivered remarks at the celebration of the International Criminal Police Organization's (INTERPOL) 100th anniversary, praising its "century of transnational police cooperation."

Monaco addressed an audience in the Great Hall of the Department of Justice, acknowledging the efforts of INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock, who has led the organization since 2014.

"Under his leadership, INTERPOL has made important advances in modernizing its technology and strengthening INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus to create a truly global network," said Monaco. This network aids in locating fugitives and seeking their arrest overseas through INTERPOL red notices.

She also commended Stock's role in making INTERPOL a critical platform for multilateral coordination to fight terrorism and international crime. This includes the creation of a biometric database of foreign terrorist fighters and establishing networks to combat environmental crime, human smuggling, narcotics trafficking, cybercrime, and other forms of organized crime.

Monaco paid tribute to the National Central Bureau and its leader, Mike Hughes, who she said worked tirelessly to facilitate the flow of essential information between INTERPOL and U.S law enforcement agencies.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the co-management of INTERPOL Washington by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. Monaco thanked Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security John Tien for their partnership in this endeavor.

She celebrated INTERPOL's evolution from its founding in 1923, where 20 countries communicated through mail, telegram, and telephone, to today's web-based communication system that connects police agencies worldwide. She underscored the significance of INTERPOL's notices in locating and arresting criminals.

Highlighting a notable case, Monaco recounted the role INTERPOL played in the investigation of the murder of DEA Special Agent James "Terry" Watson by drug traffickers in Bogota, Colombia in 2013. Quick drafting and publication of seven Red Notices by INTERPOL Washington led to the successful arrest and prosecution of the defendants.

She concluded her remarks by emphasizing INTERPOL's crucial role in tackling global challenges ranging from countering nuclear smuggling, tracking down terrorists, combating cyber threats, rescuing children from sex traffickers, dismantling drug cartels, to fighting illegal arms trafficking.

"Congratulations to INTERPOL on celebrating 100 years," said Monaco, adding that the organization's evolution has made the world a safer place.


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