Japan-U.S. Commercial and Industrial Partnership


Comments sought regarding areas and priorities for U.S. and Japan export control cooperation to help inform the work of the Japan-U.S. Commercial and Industrial Partnership (JUCIP) Export Control Working Group.

Comments should address ways in which existing U.S. and/or Japanese dual-use export control policies and practices may be more transparent, more efficient and effective, and more convergent, including in identifying and controlling emerging or foundational technologies, and in better facilitating research collaboration between Japan and U.S. research organizations.

Comments providing specific and concrete examples where further convergence in U.S. and Japanese export control practices and policies could enhance international security and support a global level-playing field and joint technology development and innovation, would be particularly helpful. Comments must be received by BIS January 17, 2023. The ID for this rule is BIS-2022-0029 [87 FR 73748]


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